First software platform based on lean start-up

Conceived for business projects and start-ups just launched, Inno Gene tool © is the definitive solution to guide the first steps in new ventures. With Inno Gene tool © the current and prospective entrepreneurs save time and money, elude the typical mistakes and get all the significant information to target the right and most profitable markets.
Based on the principles of the “lean start-up”, some of them revisited, Inno Gene tool © covers all the blocks needed for the proper launch, since idea generation till product release.

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Inno Gene tool © contains 6 blocks:
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Value Proposition
  • Market prospection
  • MVP – product development
  • Business model
  • Income flow
Each one divided into several subblocks, providing two basic outcomes:
  • Deliverables: tasks, surveys, checklists
  • Indicators: tables, graphs, bars

Users tick first one block. Next, select the subblock and click again to open up the third level with tasks: checklists, surveys, tables….
Once fulfilled each block, the platform directly and instantly derives Diagrams, graphs, Indicators,… to view how far or close is the project from its optimal.
With Inno Gene tool © the users are permanently informed about the fulfilment of objectives and expectations.
Built after a broad, critic and constructive understanding of the “Lean start-up” principles, Inno Gene tool © gives users the right judgement to weigh the viability and prospects of their projects, and decide to carry on, withdraw or introduce the right changes on it.


Built to earn the Mainstream Market, not only Early Adopters

Tired of applying the lean start-up premises and fail?. Never again with Inno Gene tool ©

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Your learned everything about the lean start-up and you applied accurately all the key principles.
  • You chose your market segment
  • You identified your Early Adopters (EA) in that segment
  • You built a Value Proposition for the them
  • You interacted, built and iterated several MVP with them
  • Your expanded the final MVP approved by the EA, to the Early Majority of customers
  • You spent so much in Social Media Marketing (SMM) to get the early majority know and try your MVP.
  • You expected the Early majority would love your offer as the Early adopters did….

unfortunately and unexpectedly. ALL THIS DIDN´T WORK

And you wonder,

Why my start-up fails to fulfil expectations?
Why all my efforts in building my MVP and all my expenditure in Social Media are fruitless?
What´s wrong?
What if some key premises you took for granted were not true?

  • You may have not chosen the right Market segment at the beginning
  • You may have built a great Value Proposition but for the wrong market segment
  • Your product-market fit might be unbalanced or unfocused
  • Your Early Adopters (EA) might not properly represent the Early Majority (Mainstream Market: MM)
  • MVPs solely based on the interaction with EA quite often are ultimately refused by the Mainstream Market

Inno Gene tool © brings you the solution in 10 steps

Shows you the way to test several Market segments and eventually find the best suited for your proposal

Allows you to identify and learn as much as possible from your EA, but primarily from your Mainstream Customers (MC) in each market segment

Helps you to build your Value Proposition and confront it with the EA and MC

Leads you to test several MVPs with MC from different market segments until you find the most balanced product-market fit

Shows you how to validate your Value Proposition with customers from your Mainstream Market (MM)

Helps you to target the MM from the beginning. Your solution will fit the expectations of a broader market, not just the EA

You might lose some EA but you´ll earn many more MC

You´ll cross the Chasm

You won´t need to spend so much in Social Media Marketing

You´ll increase your chances to scale faster and more easily

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